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Birthstones By Month – Birthstones For Each Month

Birthstones by Month

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January Birthstone

January Birthstone - Garnet

Jewelry made from this gemstone has been discovered as early as the Bronze Age, about 3000 BC in burial sites. What is the  January birthstone? Find Out Now!

May Birthstone

May Birthstone - Emerals

The May birthstone varies between eras and classifications; modern, traditional, Ayurvedic and mystical. What is the May birthstone? Find Out Now!

September Birthstone

September Birthstone - Sapphire

The September birthstone is unique with four different stones associated with being the stone for the month. What is the September birthstone? Find Out Now!

February Birthstone

February Birthstone - Amethyst

A symbol of heavenly understanding and pioneering thought on religious, philosophical, and spiritual planes. What is the February birthstone? Find Out Now!

June Birthstone

June Birthstone - Moonstone

The June birthstones vary from era to era but however there are four official birthstone lists to choose from. What is the June birthstone? Find Out Now!

October Birthstone

October Birthstone - Opal

There are two birthstones for the month of October. One represents love according to the ancient Romans. What is the October birthstone? Find Out Now!

March Birthstone

March Birthstone - Bloodstone

This is the birthstone for the Zodiac sign of Scorpio, found in colors from pale blue to blue-green or teal. What is the March birthstone? Find Out Now!

July Birthstone

July Birthstone - Ruby

The July birthstone, like others, has many stones it can call its own including traditional, modern & mystical. What is the July birthstone? Find Out Now!

November Birthstone

November Birthstone - Topaz

The name of this birthstone comes from the Sanskrit “fire”. It was often used to control heat & emotions. What is the November birthstone? Find Out Now!

April Birthstone

April Birthstone - Opal

An April birthstone will help lessen the pain of 'heartache', a “mystical” trait of those born in April. What is the April birthstone? Find Out Now!

August Birthstone

August Birthstone - Peridot

Out of all seven stones, there's one that is commonly accepted across most countries in today’s day and age. What is the August birthstone? Find Out Now!

December Birthstone

December Birthstone - Zircon

The December birthstone is a gemstone believed to protect people from insomnia, diseases and injury. What is the December birthstone? Find Out Now!

Each month of the year has a specific birthstone assigned to it, there are birthstones for each month, the month in which you where born is your birthstone month.

These birthstones by month have their roots in the signs of the zodiac. It is said that each sign of the zodiac has a particular energy and birthstones can help to amplify this energy and increase the inherent positive effects associated with the signs of the zodiac.

Each birthstone is also said to have certain unique properties such as an affinity with money, healing or protection that they can help to bring to the wearer.

The month of the year in which you are born determines your birthstone.

You can find more information about birthstones by month and other gemstones on our website!

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Zodiac Birthmonth

The ancient wheel of the zodiac. Those born within a certain time of the year will share the corresponding zodiac sign. Each month of the year and each sign of the zodiac traditionally has a birthstone associated with it.

Birthstones By Month
Article Name
Birthstones By Month
Birthstones Months offers information about birthstone by month, showing which birthstone corresponds to each month of the year. Find out the birthstones for each month.


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