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Gemology & the Skills Needed to be a Gemologist – A Quick Look

Gemology & the Skills Needed to be a Gemologist

Gemology is the science and art of assessing, measuring the value, and identifying gemstones. More than a science and art, gemology today is known as a lucrative profession. Gemology is a branch of mineralogy and is regarded as one of the geosciences.


Today, as many synthetic gems are created and manufactured, a great demand for competent and well-rounded experts in gemological services continue to increase worldwide. New synthetic gems such as cubic zirconia and synthetic moissanite keep on being produced year after year, and it takes a number of expert gemologists to identify and separate the expensive gemstones from the newly manufactured synthetic gems. The work of a gemologist includes the mentioned identification of a gemstone and knowing how to differentiate or tell the difference between a synthetic gemstone from a natural gemstone, finding fracture-filled gemstones, and knowing how to set apart color treated gemstones from the naturally colored ones.

A good gemologist must possess a well rounded knowledge of gemstones. Knowing the basic facts about gemstones and how they are valued and categorized such as refractive index, specific gravity, crystal structure and optical properties are also important skills. Gemologists study these facts and other factors related to gemstones in order to correctly identify each and every precious stone they encounter. Whether it is a synthetic gem or a natural gem, a gemologist should be able to know which is which and why. To help in the identification and study of gemstones gemologists will often make use of a gemological microscopic to properly observe and analyze the internal structure of gem, and to more clearly study its cut and quality.

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