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Synthetic/Man made diamonds.
Synthetic/Man made diamonds.

Synthetic Diamonds

Owning your own set of jewelry with precious stones is now made more affordable. This is because synthetic gemstones are widely available in the market. Synthetic means that the stones are cultured or lab manufactured. Its difference from natural stones is that synthetic stones go through a technological process. Synthetic diamonds have also entered the jewelry market but before going out to buy synthetic diamonds, learn a few facts about it.

Synthetic diamonds are made from pure carbon. There are several ways that synthetic diamonds are manufactured. The most widely used method would have to be the High Pressure High Temperature method because of its low cost. This method was invented by General Electric. Chemical vapor deposition is also another method to produce synthetic diamonds. In this method you have to create the necessary environment and circumstances for carbon atoms to settle on a diamond substrate in diamond crystalline form. Diamond nano-crystals can also be formed from explosive detonation. This kind of synthetic diamonds are primarily from Russia and China. Other methods used for production of synthetic diamonds include preceramic polymer and ultrasound cavitation.

With modern technology nowadays, anything is possible. Recently there is a new way to produce synthetic diamonds and this is through the carbon produced when cremating a dead body. Dubbed as LifeGem, this diamond promises to match natural diamonds in terms of hardness, fire, brilliance and beauty. This is an innovative yet good way to remember your loved ones beyond their years since diamonds last forever.

Synthetic diamonds unlike its natural counterpart will not appear completely colorless. Usually synthetic diamonds are slightly yellowish in color because of nitrogen impurities. These impurities are said to absorb the blue end of the light spectrum, making the synthetic stone appear yellowish rather than colorless. A way to test synthetic diamonds is by using ultraviolet, infrared or by measuring its fluorescence using a Diamond View tester.

Fake diamonds or simulated diamonds are manmade gemstones that appear like diamonds but are not based on carbon compounds. Some common diamond stimulants are cubic zirconia, gadolinium gallium garnet, strontium titanate, synthetic rutile, synthetic sapphire, synthetic spinel, and yttrium aluminum garnet. The most common simulated diamonds being sold in the market these days are cubic zirconia and moissanite.

Considering synthetic diamonds proves to be worth your money since it is chemically identical to natural diamonds. The naked eye nor an ordinary microscope won’t be able to detect the difference between a synthetic and natural diamond. Jewelers can usually determine the difference by means of the inscriptions on synthetic stones as required by the Federal Trade Commission in the United States. The only other way to detect if your gemstone is a genuine diamond or synthetic is by using hi-tech equipment that can analyze the structure of diamonds.

Purchasing synthetic diamonds however is far more beneficial to the environment compared to mining the stones. Through mining several hundreds of tons of earth are removed to extract just one carat worth of diamonds. The birth of synthetic diamonds is a sure way to escape the ecological harms of mining.

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