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March Birthstone

What is the Birthstone for March?

The March Birthstone is Blood-stone.
A gemstones that symbolizes a person's month of birth in the Gregorian Calendar is called a Birthstone. These types of gemstone are commonly known as birthday stones and sometimes used as an anniversary gift related to a person's age and year of birth.

The heliotrope mineral commonly known as the bloodstone was traditionally the birthstone for March. It is in the form of chalcedony and is a cryptocrystalline kind of quartz. The common green jasper having red formations of iron oxide is known as the classic bloodstone. There are other colors of jasper, these multi-colored bloodstones are commonly called fancy jasper.

Originally, the bloodstone was the birthstone for March, however, today, jasper, bloodstone and aquamarine are all known as the gemstones for those people who were born in the month of March. The bloodstone is said to create harmony, balance, and promote self esteem.

The presence of the red formations are supposed to resemble spots of blood, this is where the name “bloodstone” comes from. The name "Heliotrope" came from different ancient beliefs about the manner in which the mineral reflects light, translated the name means "Sun Turning" as it was believed the sun turned red when this stone was immersed in water.

Bloodstone is commonly found in India. Other sources are found in Brazil, Argentina, China, and the United States.

Traditional Uses of Bloodstone

During the Middle Ages, the red inclusions were believed to be the blood of Jesus Christ, and the stone was believed to have miraculous and spiritual powers. People in the ancient times wore the bloodstone to make them invisible. Christians during the Medieval Age used bloodstone to carve out pictures of the crucifixion and martyrs. This is how the “Martyr's Stone” was born. Even today, finely powdered bloodstone is highly prized as a medicine and an aphrodisiac in some countries.

Aquamarine - The Modern Birthstone for March

Aquamarine is considered as the modern gemstone for March. This is the birthstone for the Zodiac sign of Scorpio. Aquamarine is known as one of the members of the beryl family and it comes in a wide variety of colors, from colorless pale blue to blue-green or teal. One of the most sought after colors of aquamarine is the deep blue aqua color. Aquamarine has a hardness of 7.5-8 on the Mohs Scale. The beautiful name aquamarine came from the Latin words meaning water and sea.

Some of the most valuable and rare aquamarines are found mostly in Brazil. However, it is also mined in Kenya, Nigeria, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Russia and Afghanistan. Today, aquamarines in the market are used as a set stone jewelry and exhibit the cat's eye look known as asterism.

There are some gemstones that when heated to a high temperature increase their color and clarity. Aquamarines on the other hand are heated to change from blue green, to teal, to a pure blue, this type of heating results in a permanent color change.

Traditional Uses of Aquamarine

Aquamarine was believed to provide the owner the power of foresight, courage and happiness. Early civilizations also believed that the aquamarine gemstone increased intelligence and made one youthful. It was also used to treat anxiety and believed to be a powerful healing stone. It was also believed that aquamarine has the power to stop the effects of the most powerful poisons!

Some of the Metaphysical Properties Of The Bloodstone

Below are some of the supposed metaphysical properties of the bloodstone gemstone:

• It can discharge any blockage in the body by increasing circulation.

• They bring courage and strength when you are feeling stressed out.

• The Bloodstone can detoxify the blood, making it clean and also prevent any abnormal bleeding you might experience.

• It can help you concentrate, taking away any confusion you might have and in return you will become more peaceful.

• You can place the bloodstone on your thigh to help alleviate the pain caused by childbirth.

• The bloodstone will allow to to have control of your personal power.

• If a warrior wears the bloodstone on their arm during battle, it can quickly help stop bleeding from any wounds they might receive.

• Placing one under your pillow can trigger dreaming and bring you a peaceful sleep.

• When used in a spell, the bloodstone can help increase your wealth, ease your fears and help bring victory in any legal matters.

• The strong vibration of the bloodstone will fend off any negative energy that may come your way.

• A bloodstone can help put your body back into proper balance and create a positive energy around you.

• They work well with the root chakra which makes them a strong stone.

• Bloodstones can even help face the reality of death.

• It can also help you in making choices.

• With a bloodstone you will have more clarity in your daily life.

• It will aid your natural protection you against any viruses, colds and other things that might affect your immune system.

• Bloodstones can also help you boost your energy levels, making your more energetic and in return you will be able to become more physical than you normally are.

• You can also use the bloodstone to relieve pain.during the menstrual cycle.

• When used during menopause, the bloodstone can help stabilize your hormones.

• The bloodstone can help ease lower back pain.

• It can also help lessen the effects of a mosquito bite.

• A bloodstone will help protect your soul.

• Because of it’s calming powers, the bloodstone might even be used during meditation and prayer.

• If you feel exhausted, a bloodstone can help give you a mental boost.

• The bloodstone will help bring out your creative side and you will be able to bring any idea or concept to life.

March Bloodstone Birthstone Ring

March Bloodstone Birthstone RingNecklace

March Bloodstone Birthstone Necklace

March Bloodstone Birthstone Bracelet
What is the Birthstone for March?
Bloodstone March Birthstone
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  1. I find bloodstone to be one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world, bloodstone is believed in many cultures to enhance vision and mental clarify. In the older times, bloodstone was used as an antidote to poisons. It is also known as a stone of successful love.

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